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Edgewise is in the process of portfolio development. For information on becoming an Edgewise supplier, please e-mail us at [email protected] or use the contact form below.

For existing suppliers, please access the current Edgewise roster.

Contract Bid Calendar

Occasionally, the Edgewise team posts the product and/or service categories that it is planning to source in the near future. Edgewise has the right to change and/or update such categories at any time.

Product/Service Categories Being Sourced

RFP's are currently being conducted for the following product categories:

  1. Safety IV Catheters
  2. Vascular Closure Devices
  3. Peripheral Vascular Products
  4. Linear Accelerators
  5. Surface Guided Radiation Therapy
  6. Brachytherapy
  7. CT Simulators
  8. Nitric Oxide
  9. LinAc MR
  10. Remote Afterloader
  11. Surface Guided Radiation Therapy
  12. Beverage Products and Services

Upcoming RFPs will be conducted for the following categories:

  • PET CT's


Several contracts have recently been awarded in the Total Joints category and Non/Drug Eluting Stents.  


If you would like to submit a proposal to supply the product/service categories being sourced, please send your contact and product category information to [email protected] or use the form below.